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I do a lot of creative stuff in a lot of mediums. I'm very good at making horrifying monsters and I wish I was better at making cute girls.
I had already given up on tumblr years ago, but once everyone else got the memo it was time to set up shop.

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Posted by sheepwave - January 4th, 2019

So, while almost nobody has noticed yet, its pretty cool that the art portal now lets you upload a seperate thumbnail image entirely after uploading a work. this greatly assists compositions where characters are a bit too far apart to be readable, but you dont just want to make the thumbnail an extreme close up of one characters face (ive squished elements together for three works now and i love the ability to do so) as well as perhaps make a background transparent, increase the contrast, make the thumbnail a better postage stamp size view of what the image at full size is.

this ability to modify the sumbission metadata after the fact proves that something that had been on my mind for a while would not be impossible: allow an artist to modify the "you might also like" works manually.

currently, it simply displays the 8 (4 on mobile) most recent art sumbissions, including sketches, that are within the user's filtered content settings. this is not a bad system, but it has one big problem, in that it provides no control whatsoever to the uploader.

a proposed solution is to add another similar box, that allows the artist to specify up to 3 works that will always appear at the start of the reccomendations, as long as the image meets the viewer's filtering settings. if not, it is simply replaced by the default of most recent works.


advantages of doing this:

more likely that you will actually enjoy the works "you might also enjoy". many of us have varied works, and i know that my illustration of naked ladies and my blood soaked body horror monsters probably do not have a perfect audience overlap. i can direct people who like one of my works in the direction of other works that i think they are most likely to enjoy.

Comics and sequential works would become much easier to read. the comic's creator would simply make the only reccomended work the next page of the comic, and it would be easy to hit the next one in sequence. currently, if you want to read a comic on the art portal, if they didnt link to it in the description manually, you have to back out to thier gallery, which can mean more scrolling, more loading, and so on. this can even be partially fixed retroactively if, upon implementation of the feature, every image is set to automatically have the first reccomended work be the very next thing that artist uploaded after the current work. not that this is a required thing but it would be a neat way to solve a problem even for inactive accounts.

a tiny little mockup of where exactly to put the feature is here that i spent a whole 20 seconds making.



so yeah. this would be a cool thing to have.


Posted by sheepwave - December 28th, 2018


so this isnt at all related to me, and I also dont know these people at all, im just an admirer from afar, but holy shit. they deserve a lot more attention than they seem to be getting here. pretty much all have NSFW though so be aware.







each of them is wildly different and each is very neat. just figured I'd shout a few people whose work i quite admire out.


Posted by sheepwave - December 12th, 2018

I do a very varied range of works. You can get a decent idea of that range in my art gallery. There are things I will not do but i wont judge you for asking. I have no set prices but I generally consider 25$ to be a minimum figure that goes up with complexity of the work. Might go up over 100 for something with several characters, complicated backgrounds, ect.

if youre interested, just shoot me a direct message.

Posted by sheepwave - December 8th, 2018

Never was very into Tumblr. I havent even bothered checking to see if they took down my blog. The callout culture and general bitchiness of the content regurgitators that made up the majority of that sites users put me off it. I used it mostly to follow artists i liked. a few of the ones that were more "content aggregators" as well, but I had no interest in anything made esclusively of collections of the work of others.

Since by the looks of it, tumblr imploding has brought a whole lot of people that are willing to put money into supporting a new home, It seems likey that things here will be shuffled around a bit to accomodate what works best for the new hybrid community.

if there is one single thing that would most recreate the ability to browse like people did on tumblr, it would be the ability to follow a tag. obviously this probably represents an entire new kind of data class and would be a bunch of work, but most freinds i know who were still actively using tumblr did so by browsing tags mostly.

that feature is pretty much perfect without drawbacks beyond implementing it. unlike a lot of other things that are possible but should be carefullyconsidered.

tumblr became infamous for the toxicity of its users, because it was mechanically designed to make loud and insane people the only things you would ever hear. calling people out in reblogs became a tool of harrassment that could last for years after the original poster had deleted the original post, often one they made while they were a kid. if any ideas about making the blog function here work like that, it would bring with it all the problems tumblr had.

beyond making tags more robust, i have geniune concerns that steps may be taken that, in the good intentions of accomodating a completely new userbase (wtf are these. GIRLS? ew) accidentally recreate many of the exact problems that drove out so many of us in the first place.

(oh yeah, and the X votes to see the score thing is bypassed when you create a ink to a work in the forums, idk if thats intentional)


Posted by sheepwave - December 5th, 2018

while scrolling on mobile i left a rating on some of my my own artwork

i cant remove it, and its been so long i forget if doing that is considered ok or not lmao

Posted by sheepwave - December 5th, 2018

Wow. kinda crazy to be back here isnt it. guess we have tumblr being idiots to thank for that.

Not that i had been a part of it for a long, long time- the constant harrassment of artists and toxic behavior pushed me off a long time ago. but if theres a fresh start here, i might as well join in