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Either welcome would be fine by me lul

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this gives me very heavy nostalgia to being in high school ten years ago and bumping Superfunky and Showdown in gym class. i love it!

Waterflame responds:

awesome. Thank you! ts equally nice and weird to me that people have nostalgic memories over stuff I made when I was a teenager.

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so, goes without saying that the rendering of form here is absolutely fantastic. the lighting is consistient and smooth, fur looks good, great job overall.

the actual form itself could use tweaking though! i made a little diagram.


its nothing horrendous (you could probably make all these changes pretty easily in photoshop) and ill be going through them vertically from top to bottom in the peice.

first off, her eyeline being away from the point of interest of the composition hurts the line of motion of the image. her eyes should probably either be pointed directly at the viewer or at the shell in her hand, or downand to the lower right corner if shes supposed to be embarrased. pointing up and to camera right implies she is disinterested entirely in what is going on or that there is something up there she is looking at (which i assume was not the intent as shed be staring directly at the sun).

second, the arm holding the shell is bent too far away from her body. when someone holds thier hand palm up like that, thier elbow bends slightly in towards thier chest.because of the perspective completely hiding her forearm, the image as it is now looks like her right arm is a third as long as her left. shifting the outer edge of the bicep in slightly will ease with this confusion.

third, her leg on the side with the shell is too thin. realistically, her crotch would never be visible at that straight on angle, so it might be best to pull her outer thigh out a bit towards her tail to make it seem like her legs are more spread, and to shift her crotch over to the other side VERY slightly.

hope this was helpful!

The-Minuscule-Task responds:

Extraordinarily, thanks!

while this is QUITE good, her upper lip in particular looks like its a bit too high up

BoxOfWant responds:

Ah, i see what you mean, IIRC the client wanted "bimbo", inflated lips, so that's part of the reason why. :)

holy shit. this looks like it could be a full art artifact creature in magic the gathering.

I do a lot of creative stuff in a lot of mediums. I'm very good at making horrifying monsters and I wish I was better at making cute girls.
I had already given up on tumblr years ago, but once everyone else got the memo it was time to set up shop.

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